Best Helios Touch

Hand contact opens and shuts the board

The item comprises of a progression of plastic hexagons, which can be associated with magnets and interlocking examples to shape a touch screen divider light. Magnets that make up the physical associations between parts likewise enable current to spill out of one segment to another.

With the item’s capacity supply, every part is turned on and off through a capacitive touch sensor. The fundamental thought of this item is to enable clients to change over the inner structure of room into light source. It enables the client to enlighten the way of his contact by essentially sliding the outside of the divider. Transform the inside structure into canvas and let clients utilize their hands as brushes

 Best Helios Touch

Modularization and Touch Induction Lighting

This is a measured touch divider light. Utilize a hexagonal circle to make any structure that suits your needs, at that point open it and close it when contacted

Custom Space

Quick secluded segments are proportional to a framework that can undoubtedly adjust to any situation. Utilize an attractive edge association light to make the structure that best suits your inside.

Sliding spigot

The inside structure turns into the light source. Slide the dividers and light up the material way to get an interesting material encounter. By enlightening the numerous tiles you need, redo the lighting level to make the correct environment.

Building up Terminal

Every part can be effectively associated with a magnet situated at the edge of the item. Hexagonal shapes enable these segments to be implanted together and give chances to various structures. This procedure enables clients to make lights that address their issues. Clients can purchase however many unit lights as could be allowed.

Because of the client’s physical contact, the divider light is turned on and off. Capacitive sensors are utilized as changes to kill on or every segment when the client’s body contacts the surface. This plan enables clients to viably coast any place they need or need light. Transform the inside structure into canvas and let clients utilize their hands as brushes.

At present, you can associate 105 modules in a similar power circuit. Additional testing and advancement will include it. Huge screens can be accomplished by confining contact between various lights.

Divider Installation

Just the focal unit optical module needs unbending association, enabling clients to move around the other light plates of the unit module to frame various shapes. We attempted an assortment of techniques, the best arrangement is to pick nails or just through the back of the tangle.

The nail is the most solid connector, and the item will give a layout to setting it. On the off chance that nails, for example, glass or tile can’t be utilized superficially to be introduced, stickers can be utilized rather than nail associations or notwithstanding nail associations.


The mix of modularization and lighting control is identical to an item that clients can completely redo. The item offers open doors for every condition explicit lighting arrangement.

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